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Please know that when booking travel, you are always paying for the use of a travel agent, whether you use one or not! Hotels, cruises, tour operators ALL include a commission for agents, and if you are booking online yourself, you are paying for a service you may not receive.

Deluxe Destinations stays on top of current travel trends, specials, and places you want to see! I set aside the necessary time and focus to make sure your vacation is as seamless as possible, from start to finish. I research during the planning stage, and build itineraries for travel based on your financial comfort zone, wish list, and expectations. Then I assist in the unique details of your trip and advocate them for you during the time of travel. You cannot get this type of service by booking online.

Deluxe Destinations books all destinations with an emphasis in Virtuoso Luxury Travel, Family Travel, Voyages, and Celebration Travel.


I have a lot of guidance to give due to my training in the field, and personal connections through Travel Experts. I want to shape your travel choices to present the best vacation that I can. For example, the room or the connecting room that is “sold out” for a family trip, that restaurant reservation that you want, or the room upgrade you didn’t even know was available, can all become possible with the connections that are accessible to advisors. 


Being a travel advisor that is an affiliate of Virtuoso provides me with exclusive advantages that save my clients money and include access to benefits such as spa credits, early check-in/ late check-out, room upgrades, food and beverage credits, and much more. Another advantage of using a travel advisor is taking the time-consuming process out of planning a trip. You will not have to scour the internet for hours and hours in search of the perfect travel plans. Let me handle it.  


Advisors are always first to know about what is new in the travel industry. My affiliations with first-class partners keep me up to date with the most recent and excellent promotions, product outputs, and so much more. 


Deluxe Destinations is an independent affiliate of Travel Experts and has the ability to influence companies or organizations, specifically Virtuoso related, to receive access to benefits that are unattainable without a travel advisor. If something during the trip gets off course, don't worry, I can handle it. The typical traveler has no pull in travel scenarios when things start to fall apart. Advisors work with their partners, and these partners give them advantages to help with their client's non-ideal situations; therefore, the advisor has more influence. 


Finding the perfect fit when it comes to hotels, resorts, tours, excursions, and more is essential. A travel advisor can help you discover the ideal company that fits your needs. If you work directly with a company, they will not tell you if the competitor will be a better fit, travel advisors work with all companies, and so our main focus on your desires and wants.


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