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As with any professional advisor, I do charge a fee for time and services. My design fee covers research, itinerary design and development, booking and access to my travel industry relationships, knowledge and special amenities with certain operators (hotels, tour companies, cruise lines, etc.). I am with you start to finish as we collaborate together for your ideal vacation experience.

Because of the initial up front time involved, this fee will be charged at time of proposal delivery, regardless of whether a client books a trip.



  • 2 Months or More Prior to Departure:  From $150 TBD after initial consultation

  • Less Than 2 Months From Departure:  From $200 after initial consultation

  • Within 1 Week of Departure: From $500 after initial consultation

Additional fees may apply:

  • Destination Proposal Fee: an additional charge of $100 per destination will be incurred when clients request multi-trip destination proposals

  • Activity Management Fee: For clients who book just hotels but need help planning specific activities, I can provide a list of activities within the destination. Once the client has made activity selections, I will manage the reservations and send confirmations. The fee is $100. *This fee is completely optional – if clients prefer to explore/make their own reservations for restaurants, theater tickets, and other optional components, there is not charged.


  •   $25 per room

My hotel relationships allow me to offer value-added amenities and VIP experiences to your reservation.

For hotel-only bookings that require no additional consultation or travel planning services, I charge a per room reservation fee.

If the hotel you book is part of the Virtuoso hotel network you'll enjoy amenities such as upgrades (if available), spa or food and beverage credits, breakfast daily, VIP status and more.

          However, in some cases, an additional fee may apply: 

Non-commissionable Rate Hotels: In some cases, smaller boutique hotels do not pay commission, I will charge a booking fee equal to 15% of the total room rate.

*If you would like to book on your own, click here.


  • Domestic - $50/ticket       

  • International - $75/ticket 

  When you travel internationally in Business and First-Class, you benefit from insider access to special fares that you won't find on the internet. 


*Clients are welcome to book flights independently, in which case a fee is not charged.

If you require help with Frequent Flier travel, rates start at a minimum of $75 per ticket.


  • $50 per individual cabin

*If researching cruise line options, itinerary, locations etc this $50 will be included in the initial $150 trip planning fee

  • $25 per person when traveling with a group of 10 or more cabins

Virtuoso Voyages


  • $100 per group to set up the group contract and negotiate the terms with the vendor, resort or hotel

  • $25 per person when traveling more than 5 rooms in a group

Virtuoso Family Travel


  • $50/ ticket


  • $150 consult, research and planning fee

Virtuoso Celebration Travel


If you require me to cancel a trip you’ve booked with me, I do charge a trip cancellation fee starting at $50 per trip.

However, fees vary based on how far along we are in the planning process, how complicated the itinerary, and how much time and work was devoted to the booking.

*I reserve the right to waive and change fees on a case-by-case basis.

*I never charge fees without first informing and discussing with my clients. 


 I strongly recommend that all my clients purchase travel insurance to protect their investment. This is an additional cost to be factored into your budget and is not included in the fees outlined above.

*If you choose to forgo travel insurance, please fill out this form, scan, and send it back to me.


  • Information regarding passports is available here and here.

  • Information regarding visas is available here and here.

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